Colombia- Colombians to vote in presidential elections amid high security.


Location: Bogota, Colombia

Language: Spanish

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 28-04-2022


Colombia will hold its presidential election on May 29th as the Pacto Historico Party is expected to win the elections for the first time in the country’s history.

However, the Colombian people will need from the winner of the elections to achieve the country’s security and to combat crime and drug trafficking.

Ahead of the elections, the army has been deployed to patrol the streets of the capital Bogota, a city of 10 million people.

Colombia’s National Police Director General Jorge Luis Vargas said “the Democracy Plan” established last year by public forces aimed at giving people their constitutional right to vote whoever they want.

He commended Colombian public forces, saying they are extremely professional and ready to confront any threat against people’s security.

A community worker accused the electoral judges of manipulating the electoral cards during the country’s last elections.


(Soundbite) General Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of Colombian National Police:

“Since last year the public forces established the Democracy Plan, which is the plan we always do to guarantee the democracy in Colombia, to guarantee the free constitutional right to vote, forColombians to vote for whoever they want”

(Soundbite) General Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of Colombian National Police:

“The National Police have more than 94,000 police officers in al the territory, criminal investigation, intelligence, anti-riots capacity, rural capacity to protect Colombians so they can vote for whoever they want”

(Soundbite) General Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of Colombian National Police:

“Colombia has a extremely professional public forces to confront any threat against the citizens security, the public security, the connivance, we will be ready before and after, the Democracy Plan will continue even after the elections”

(Soundbite) Gloria Castillo, Community worker”

“In the last election the electoral judges were manipulating the electoral cards, the police gets notified and they do nothing, an example, the elders need company, and the police do not let the companion to enter to help them, an example, if the elder cant see, they don’t let them vote, in this moment I can see a bad management from police”

(Soundbite) Ulises Piragua, citizen:

“I think is the first time the country gets so polarized, I have never seen a country as divided as the political situation right now, the issue to vote is complicated on some remote regions of the country, if there is security, I think is security on the capitals, in small towns the issue is more delicate not to say critical”

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