Colombia -Toxic Foam Floods a Colombian Town.


Location: Mosquera, Colombia

Language: Spanish

Duration: 00:04:05

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Subscribers

Dateline: 27-04-2022


Residents of Los Puentes neighbourhood in Mosquera, on the outskirts of the Colombian capital Bogota, are living a toxic reality as a huge layer of foam coming out from a polluted river has reached the doors of the homes and roads.

Residents are increasingly concerned about this phenomenon, which, although not new, has increased in the rainy season.

The environmental authority said the amount of detergents being poured into the rivers and the recent rain were found to increase the foam.

It has advised local residents to keep away from the foam to avert the risk of respiratory diseases.


(Soundbite) Blanca Diaz, Local resident:

“here the worst part, the worst contamination is from when the mayor Alvaro Rozo made the pipelines to get the sewer waters to drop it near here and bombing it to here”

(Soundbite) Jose Romero, Local resident:

“The children more, they think this is a game and start playing with the foam, and it could be dangerous, that’s bad, the foam is bad”

(Soundbite) Arbey Roa, Local resident:

“the saddest thing is that the children are getting sick, the adults, young people is young, but the elder and the children are getting sick, there is a lot of children with deformities because of this”

(Soundbite) Janneth Duran, Local resident”

“Yes of course, the colds, the respiratory affections that you can see here because it rains and the river start to increase its level and the whole contamination because this are residual waters from Mosquera, Funza, all that comes from another places that arrive here”

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