Colombia – Is Russia trying to meddle in Colombian presidential elections?


Location: Bogota, Colombia

Language: Spanish

Duration: 00:05:45

Source: A24

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Dateline: 22-04-2022


The problem of Russian interference in Colombia’s upcoming elections has become more alarming for many Colombian people and politicians. 

Reports said Russia tries to seize the opportunity to improve its relations with Colombia, a key U.S. ally, to get involved into Latin America as the Pacto Historico Party is expected to win Colombia’s presidential election on May 29th.

Colombian Senator Paloma Valencia said Colombian Intelligence reportedly found that some sectors of the Russian regime might interfere in the country’s elections.

For his part, Jairo Libreros, Externado University Professor and Political Analyst, said Russia had intervened in the U.S elections and BREXIT polls in 2016.  However, he added that there is no a clear interest of Russia in Colombia.

Shots list:

  •  (Soundbite) Paloma Valencia, Colombian Senator:

“The Colombian Intelligence findings about Russian citizens with projects to intervene in the elections, generate worries, because one of the principles of the International Rights is precisely the no participation in the internal issues, even less in electoral issues in the countries and it looks like there is a strong presence and an intention of some sectors of the Russian regime to intervene in the Colombian elections”

  • (Soundbite) Paloma Valencia, Colombian Senator:

“The negative of the (Presidential) candidate Petro to reject the armed actions of Russia over Ukraine generate a question if Petro is thinking to locate Colombia in that (political) wing of friends of Russia and friend of the dictatorships of Latin America starting with Venezuela and next Nicaragua”

  •  (Soundbite) Javier Forero, Independent worker and left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro suporter

“The only interest that Russia may have in Colombian issues is like the interest that I can have on travel tomorrow to the moon, none, because in fact they live a different reality today, they are living a different problem, a problem that in fact affect them a lot, the intention of Ukraine to join OTAN and the European Union obviously is affecting the interest of Russia and that’s why is the conflict on”

  •  (Soundbite) Jairo Libreros, Externado University Professor and Political Analyst:

“On the international level is clear Russia has intervened in the 2016 US election, and also in the BREXIT polls also in 2016 in the UK, I think they have all the capacity to do so and maybe the interest, what we expect in Colombia is that we have the capacity to detect this sort of acts that have proved to be new and difficult to handle technologically but I can’t see why there will be a clear interest of Russian State in Colombia”

  • (Soundbite) Jairo Libreros, Externado University Professor and Political Analyst:

“We have to take into account that in recent years a lot of countries have decided to strongly turn to bet on Russia, China, Turkey a bit lessand also Iran as their interlocutors. But we have to take into account that the left (government) that could arrive eventually to power in Colombia will be similar to the left in Chile, a left that is a lot more democratic, that is based on the respect of the constitutional principles and the liberal democracy”

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