COLOMBIA-Bogota int’l Book Fair Kicks off with S.Korea as Guest of Honor


Location: Bogota, Colombia

Language: Spanish

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Dateline: 21-04-2022 


The 2022 Bogota International Book Fair (FILBO) has re-opened in Colombia’s capital with South Korea as the guest of honor.

South Korea was designated as the honorary guest of the event in celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties with the South American country.

FILBO is the second-largest event of its kind in South America, where an average of 600,000 people visit every year. The event returned in person for the first time in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more than 1,500 cultural events, the book fair features 500 national and foreign guests from 30 countries, according to Andres Sarmiento, Bogota Book Fair Director. 

Colombian writers expressed happiness to take part in the fair which they said was an opportunity to meet new friends and to read books for different authors.

Shots list:

  •  ( Soundbite ) (Andres Sarmiento, Bogota Book Fair Director)

“This 34th version of the Bogota’s Book Fair come back with a program of more than 1,500 events, with more than 500 national and international guests from more than 30 countries. In that sense as International fair there are two weeks with book launchings, conservatories, workshops, forums and a lot of cultural and literature samples not only from Colombia but our country that is out Honour Guest South Korea. South Korean delegation with more than 100 people comes with a pavilion with a lot of surprises for all the family, technology, education and of course literature.”

  •  ( Soundbite ) (Vivian Granados, Lawyer, Book Fair visitor)

“Happy to be here, that the measures and the Covid issues have calmed down, and to be able to be in contact with people is wonderful”

  •  ( Soundbite ) (Diana Pardo, Colombian writer):

“I really feel really happy that all the writers have the opportunity to bring here to the Book Fair our big dream and to be able to showcase our work because to write a book is a long beautiful road with big efforts, big sacrifices, family and personal time, but truly is worth it to put all our experiences and in my case all my professional expertise”

  •  ( Soundbite ) (Ramon Lopera Lopera, Colombian writer):
  • “I am happy to be in the book fair, a super opportunity to meet friends, to see a good amount of open books, opportunities not only to write but to read another authors, definitely is a big joy for Colombia, for our city, for Bogota to be able to be here sharing, after a lot of agitation, a lot of distress, a lot of ansiety after the confining that we all lived”

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