Iraq -Political situation in Iraq still unclear due to inability to reach an agreement


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:10

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Dateline: 14/04/2022


It has been five months since the early parliamentary elections and the political situation remains unclear in relation to electing a new president and assigning the candidate of the largest political bloc to form a new government. Iraq is known for its history in creating and repeating political crises, in addition to its constant reliance on external factors to solve its predicaments. This concerns not only the two Shia political blocs, the seclusion of The Kurdistan Democratic Party and The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bears 40% of responsibility for the current situation.


Soundbite (Mohammad Anzar – Member of Iraqi Parliament):

            “Every crisis has a solution but that depends on the political parties realizing that the interests of  Iraqis are more important than receiving benefits and splitting shares. The situation would improve if they let go of their greed but unfortunately they have been causing the people to suffer over 4 decades because of it.”

Soundbite (Jasim al-Musawi – The State of Law Coalition):

            “I don’t think an agreement will be reached because both Shia blocs have differing visions. If another lack of quorum occurs in the next sitting, the president has the right according to article 341 of the law to charge absent parliament members with felony and their immunity can not protect them. It is best that all members attend in the next sitting, unless there is a reason behind this to turn the situation in favor of the Kurdistan Democratic Party candidate Barham Salih.”

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