Yemeni Honey, a multi-taste cure

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Yemeni Honey is well known worldwide due to the Terrain towering mountains, valleys and plateaus stretching wide and long coastlines unique climate that helps in the quality of its tender vegetation throughout the year, which led to the difference in flowering and the different types of honey.

Yemenis care about beekeeping and honey production since ancient times and the reputation is worldwide. Many people consider it cures with great taste and dark color. There are many types of honey like Alsidr honey, Alsumer Honey, Salam honey, Marai honey and Mountain honey.

The Yemeni Honey has unique qualities categorized by age groups; some is used for pregnant women, diabetics, hepatitis and Alsidr honey is a treatment to Nervous colon and sexual disabilities. Honey export is declining as a result of the war and the unstable conditions.



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