Iraq – Over 7 thousand victims of landmines in Sulaimaniyah.


Location: Sulaimaniyah – Iraq

Language: Arabic + Kurdish

Duration: 00:03:34

Source: A24 subscribers

Restrictions: A24 clients

Dateline: 04/04/2022


To commemorate the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action that takes place on the 4th of April each year, an awareness workshop on the dangers of landmines was held in Sulaimaniyah. The Mine Action Directorate of Sulaimaniyah held a photo exhibition, as well as an exhibition of the  equipment and tools used for demining. The exhibition also included a demonstration of detecting and removing landmines. The Mine Action Directorate reported that 7550 fell victims to landmines, 1500 disabled and 6500 dead.


Soundbite (Mohsen Abdul Karim  – Director General of the Mine Action Directorate):

            “Landmine victims are about 7550, 1500 disabled and 6500 dead. Mine-infested areas within Sulaimaniyah are 234 million square meters, 85 million squares of which have been cleared”

Soundbite (Horaz Jalal – Mine Action Directorate in Sulaimaniyah):

            “Our work in demining puts our lives at risk but we do it for humanitarian reasons; to protect the people and keep them out of harms way.”

Soundbite (Kamran Ali – Victim of Landmines):

            “We demand for people working at demining organizations and directories to be provided with logistic, financial and moral support. There are many victims of landmines who have not been compensated.”

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