Mongolia – Kindergarten scarcity prompts Mongolians to think outside box; consider outdoor pre-school education


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:15

Source: A24

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Dateline: 07-03-2022


As Ulaanbaatar is increasingly becoming the preferred destination for Mongolians to settle in due to the benefits that come with living in the capital, the city has become overcrowded and cramped, making delivering services and providing state-sponsored services a challenge for the local authorities. Now, the education system is reeling from the surge in population and birth rates, like kindergartens, schools and educational institutions are working at full capacity and for several shits. This issue took its toll on families who had to leave their jobs to look after their children and in some cases leave their children locked up alone at home, raising the risk of injuries amongst children. Some have started thinking outside the box to address the issue, as some kindergartens started to admit children in Mongolian yurts [tents]. The 12th kindergarten located in the 4th khoroo of Khan-Uul district has started admitting children in the Mongolian yurt.

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 (SOUNDBITE): J.Javzan, head of the 12th kindergarten

From 2016 to 2022, the population density of our khoroo [a sub-district in Ulaanbaatar] increased significantly. There are more than 1,820 children aged 2-5 registered for preschool education in our khoroo. Out of this, we have 570 children in the 1st and 2nd building, 30 children in the Mongolian yurt, and a total of 600 children in our kindergarten. More than 1,220 children are left behind. There are many children in private kindergartens, but many of them do not have enough pre-school education. In general, children need to be involved in pre-school education. In doing so, we want the government to focus on increasing access to preschool education, as lifelong habits are developed through kindergartens. For me, a home garden should be maintained at all times. This is because we think that instead of introducing children to Mongolian yurts [portable tents] and Mongolian families through abstract paintings and movies, we can keep them in this environment, introduce them to real life, and learn more.”

 (SOUNDBITE): Sh.Orgilmaa, Middle school teacher

Parents are very pleased with the Mongolian yurt kindergarten. The contract is heated by floor heating. When children go to bed during the day, they turn off the floor heating. Mongolian yurt air circulation is very good. The children living in the apartment are very interested because they do not know the Mongolian yurt at all. What is this? I am very interested in home parts. By the first three days of school, the children have learned a lot about the Mongolian yurt. I also like to come to the kindergarten.

 (SOUNDBITE): S.Bayarsaikhan, citizen of 12th khoroo

The parents of our committee talked to each other and requested the management of the 12th kindergarten. We want to enroll our children in ger kindergartens as the number of children in the state-run kindergartens is already at capacity. After receiving our request, a Mongolian yurt kindergarten can be established. Will you include your child? That was answered. We are sending our children to ger kindergartens because we have requested it. I think it is reasonable to send my children to ger kindergarten. Children’s environment is changing. Kindergarten education is mandatory, so it is important to educate children in an environment where they can be educated, whether at a Mongolian yurt or a pre-school building. People talk differently. Nowadays, some people criticize taking children to home kindergartens. When Mongolians first started kindergarten, they started in a Mongolian yurt. So I think a solution could be a home garden.

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