Syria – “Cultures Journey” initiative starts to enhance social cohesion in north, east Syria


Location: Qamishli – Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:51

Sound: natural

Source: A24

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Dateline: 21/2/2022


The Rose Organization for support and empowerment in Qamishli in the north and east of Syria launched the “Cultures Journey” initiative, in which several active local associations and organizations were targeted. It is aimed at enhancing social cohesion and rejecting violent extremism. The initiative included a visit to four centers of the various ethnic groups in the region to conduct dialogue sessions with the Arab Authority, the Assyrian Organization, the Yazidi House, the Malva Center for Musical Arts and its role in promoting social cohesion and rejecting extremism and hate speech by the local communities.


(Soundbite) Rony Hassan, an administrator in the Rose Association:

“This initiative is dubbed the Dialogue of Cultures. The goal of this initiative is to promote social cohesion and reject violent extremism. Of course, our activity was targeting a group of organizations and centers for all communities in the region, whether Arab, Kurdish, Yazidi or Christian. We held dialogue sessions on the role of these organizations and associations in community cohesion and the rejection of extremist discourse. Today is the last day and it is the evening. We did it on the last day of the initiative, a group of activities we did, of course, in cooperation with the organizations and associations that we targeted at the beginning.”

(Soundbite) Orshina Hanna, an administrator in the Assyrian Society:

“The association was participating stemming from its belief that it too has a role in this region to uphold coexistence and civil peace because our colleges must live together with a united hand to fight extremism and terrorism that may exist in our societies. In this initiative, we have participated in a segment by the Ornena band for Syriac folklore, and they have presented a masterpiece about our culture and civilizations.

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