Iraq – Political process in Iraq faces challenges


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:03:36

Source: A24

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Dateline: 22-02-2022


Iraqi political arena is witnessing a major crisis due to the crises among the parliamentary forces and within the same component, which led to the failure of the first round of electing the President of the Republic, pending the decision of the Federal Court on the constitutionality of nominating others for this position on Wednesday. Deputy Dr. Adnan Burhan Al-Juhaishi said that this issue is alarming and has never happened through the successive legislative sessions. He added that the repercussions of political disputes reached the parliament, and made it lose its ability to exercise its legislative and oversight role over the performance of the government, which is currently a caretaker government.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Adnan Burhan Al-Juhaishi – Deputy of the Taqaddam Alliance:

“This issue will be resolved on Wednesday. We are waiting for thirty days to elect the President of the Republic. I consider it an alarming precedent. I expect the Federal Court to decide on Wednesday and the political forces will have to proceed and elect the president of the republic because people are waiting for the president of the republic to move forward with the government. The government is now working without any oversight.”

  • (SOUNDBITE): Ali Sahib – Political Analyst:

“There are two paths before us: either to go to consensus if it is urgent or to go to non-state. The non-state destroys the entire political process, and this is a big mistake. If the previous political forces were not able to solve this dilemma, we are today in two different ways. Either we go with the constitution, which is the criterion in all political decisions, or we go to the political custom that was drawn for the Iraqi map. This made matters worse and deepened the dispute that we’ve never seen before in a single component.”

(SOUNDBITE): Amir Ali-Citizen:

“We hope to form the government and approve the budget, and they consider unemployed youth.”

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