Tunisia – Youngman opens a cafe where art and food are served at the same table


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:38

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 Clients

Dateline: 17-02-2022


Following his rejection, Kareem Brahem, a Tunisian plastic artist, didn’t give up but instead opened a café opposite the City of Culture, turning it into a place that combines food and art.

The café is an art gallery of paintings by Kareem and some café visitors who come to this place for drawing, music, culture, and art before eating.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Kareem Brahem – Artist and owner of the café:

“Art has been my passion since childhood. I used to leave my study to draw. I used to imitate my siblings who were fond of drawing; my sister used to draw Disney characters and my brother used to write in Arabic calligraphy. They are now doctors. I developed my work and displayed it abroad in America, Canada, France, and in African countries such as South Africa. I wanted to deliver our Tunisian product to the world. I wanted to display my work in the City of Culture but I was rejected even before they see my work”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Kareem Brahem – Artist and owner of the café:

“I opened “The Corner” café, opposite the City of Culture. I taught people and children how to draw and I have their paintings. Now I have many paintings made by our visitors.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Kareem Brahem – Artist and owner of the café:

“My family supported me first, and then I continued my career on my own. When I was young, I used to sell paintings to buy drawing tools, then I began to paint on clothes and furniture and old pieces. There is, for example, the old chair, I took it, renewed it, and painted on it.” 

  • (SOUNDBITE) Maram Brahem – Kareem’s mother:

“My daughter used to draw clothes and women, and my eldest son used to write in Arabic calligraphy. Kareem followed in their footsteps and learned from them. After that, he entered the field. Kareem loves his profession. You will find all the walls of the house even the garden are full of paintings. Kareem paints on whatever he touches”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Maram Brahem – Kareem’s father:

“I did my best to help my son establish this project, which is commercial and artistic, which is rare in Tunisia.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Kareem Brahem – Artist and owner of the café:

“Artists, who write, sing, paint, and play musical instruments, come here. This place is for artists, in addition, it serves delicious food. Food is also an art.”

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