Mongolia – Scientists warn of medical herb extinction; urge growing plants


Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

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Resource: A24

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Dateline: 02-16-2022


Mongolia is home to over 7,700 species of lower plants that coexist with fungi, 3,100 of which are flowering plants, with medicinal herbs comprising one-third of the total. Scientists, however, have raised the alarm that the medical herb resources have been depleted as a result of manmade and natural factors, not the least of which are mining and urbanization. N. Ochgerel, a scientist and academic, said that most medical herbs would go extinct within 20 to 50 years if there is no serious response to the mishandling and exploitation of herbs. He added that the continued depletion of the herbs will exacerbate the issue of desertification and drought. Ochgerel urged the need to use the herbs available in a responsible way by properly picking them and preparing them. He also called for planting herbs whenever possible.


– (Soundbite) M. Urgamal, a science professor

“The reason for the depletion of medicinal herbs is that people and businesses directly use natural resources. Resources are diverse. Biological resources and operational resources. The resources available for us, in particular, are extremely limited. Herbs are the key to success. Use the raw materials of the plants you grow as medicinal raw materials to meet your drug needs. That’s the main way. Today, there is a real risk that natural medicinal plant resources will be depleted.”

– (Soundbite) N. Ochgerel, a professor and a laboratory head

“In general, the main causes of plant extinction are plant depletion due to many factors. This is due to mining, urbanization, transportation and manmade factors, as well as natural factors. Therefore, if natural plants are not preserved, there will be no natural plant resources in 20 years to 30 years, and this can take place 50 years later. All of them will be run out and this will be the main cause of desertification and drought. That’s why we all need to use our herbs properly when picking and preparing them, and if possible, plant some plants. Many years of research have shown that some plants can be grown.

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