Mongolia – Gov’t, private sector team up to plant 50 million trees using smart technology  


Location: Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia

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Dateline: 10-02-2022


Five companies specialized in forest rehabilitation and afforestation have joined forces to launch the “Tree Program” that is aimed at planting 50 million trees over a 10-year period. The program is being implemented in cooperation with the Mongolian Agricultural University and the Siberian Institute of Horticulture and Research under the Russian Academy of Sciences. The initiators of the program created a smartphone application called “Tree” that allows people who want to plant trees but do not have their own land and do not know how to plant them to use electronic technology and plant and grow trees. Therefore, if someone desires to plant a tree, they can place an order through this application, and the ordered tree would will be planted and grown by professionals on your behalf.  The tree would be handed to the person who had placed the order two years later and the person would have the option to whether to keep the tree or donate it to their country the tree to your country. The technology has been proven to be 98% effective compared to traditional tree seed technology.


(SOUNDBITE): (B.Munkhbat, Engineer, Doctor, Associate Professor, University of Agriculture)

This cocoon will not break for 2 years. Because it is compressed under very heavy pressure and contains a bonding element. The seeds that grow in this cocoon can carry their main roots down to the ground. This cocoon seed is planted in the soil after it has grown into a tree. When planting in the soil, the depth of soil moisture must first be determined. Assuming a two-year-old tree is to be planted, the height will be about 15 cm. When it needs to be planted in the Gobi soil, the soil moisture must be very low at about 50-60 cm below because the Gobi has less water. Therefore, it will be necessary to install it in the deep moist part. If planted directly, the tree will not be able to rise above the soil. Therefore, in order to plant the tree, we need to assume that the tree with the cocoon is 15 cm and plant the empty cocoon under them. Empty cocoons are added underneath because the roots can be lowered into the hole through the borehole shaft. The most favorable condition for the growth of tree roots is that the direction of root growth should be free downwards. To plant trees, we must follow this principle. This is the main guarantee of a good life for the tree.

(SOUNDBITE): L. Batzorig, General Coordinator of the “Tree” Program:

“The Tree Program application was created with the idea of planting trees online to ensure the participation of everyone who wants to plant trees. You can order 5 types from us online. For 2 years, professionals will grow and care for your tree. Then you can take the ordered tree and plant it in your yard and wherever you want. Or you can donate it to our rehabilitation and nursery fields and get a certificate for growing trees.”

(SOUNDBITE): B. Batbold, Director of the “Khuder Khugjil” tree planting company

“Not only in Khuder soum, but also in Selenge aimag, there are many Chinese and foreign-invested mining companies. In addition, there is a lot of soil degradation because it is an agricultural region. These farming and mining companies do not rehabilitate well enough. We inherited this land from our ancestors. In the same way, it must be passed on to our descendants in its original form. Therefore, we started this program considering that if we get the gold from the ground, we have to plant trees in order to keep the remaining soil in its original state.

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