Yemen – Yemeni army liberates the Al-Muhsam camp and cordons off Haradh city  


Location: Hajjah -Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:01:55

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Client

Dateline: 04-02-2022


The Commander of the Fifth Military Region, Major General Yahya Hussein Salah, stated today, Friday, the control of the “Al- Muhsam” camp, and its liberation from the Houthi militants, as well as the encirclement of Haradh city, Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen. Major General Salah called on all Houthi fighters to surrender to save their lives, as there is no other way, after going around them. The commander of the Fifth Military Region thanked the Arab coalition forces that as well as the Giants and Al-Mourabitin brigade on the fronts, for their efforts on several fronts and areas in the coast, Marib, the border strip, and Al-Jawf. The Arab coalition announced its support for Yemen’s brigades in all operations, to achieve its interim goals, pointing out that “humanitarian operations and aid in the liberated areas will be launched following the purification operations.” The coalition also advised people in Haradh to delay returning to their residence “for their safety.” These field developments coincide with the announcement of the destruction of the Arab coalition with three airstrikes, the two command, and control centers of the Houthi group, eastern Haradh.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Major-General Yahya Hussein Salah – Commander of the Fifth Military Region:

“We are now in Al-Muhsam camp, which used to be the headquarters of the border guards, and the leadership of the 35th Brigades, now it is the command of the second brigade border guards. The Fifth Military District undertook a wide military operation, during which Haradh was besieged, and all Houthi forces and equipment are now cordoned off. I call them to surrender without any resistance because they have no choice but to die or surrender themselves. I wish them to come back to their senses because they have absolutely no room for anything else. I dedicate this victory to all the fighting heroes, and I also thank the leadership of the Arab coalition, for their generous support, and their participation with us in the operations. All the countries of the coalition took part. Today I take the opportunity and salute the giants’ brigades for what they have done. Thanks and appreciation to the heroes on all fronts and fields. I thank all the stationed people, whether in Ma’rib, the coast, Shabwa, or in Al-Jawf, as well as in the border strip, you are my brothers and colleagues.”

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