Palestine- The Grip of the Free is a New TV Series that Reflect Palestinians’ Agony


Location: Gaza-Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:45

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 03/02/2022


Despite lack of resources, a TV series under the name of “The Grip of the Free” that reflects the daily lives and struggles of the Palestinian people in Gaza will be aired next Ramadan. It addresses social and political issues along with the military realities of the Palestinian resistance forces in the latest Israeli military attack on Gaza. The tv production is a 30-episode series, 45-minute per each. The series reflect the psychological warfare and technological tactics employed by the Palestinian resistance in confronting Israeli forces. It also sheds light on the abject poverty many suffer from in light of the Israeli blockade


-SOUNDBITE (Saad Al-Attar- Producer Assistant of the series “The Grip of the Free)

The series “The Grip of the Free” consists of thirty episodes, each of which is 45 minutes. The series highlights not only military and resistance issues but also social problems. We also reflected the daily life struggle of Palestinians as they live in abject poverty resulting from the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.  We faced many obstacles during filming; there is no media production city where we can film the series. Therefore, we resorted to inhabited houses, and we had to ask residents to leave for a couple of hours to film a scene.  They usually set a specific time for us to film, for example, nine at night or ten at night. The second issue is the noise in the Gaza Strip, and street vendors, so we were forced to repeat some scenes 10-20 times. Moreover, we had to operate with limited production and filming resource; we have been using the same exact camera for years. unfortunately, because of the blockade, we couldn’t bring new equipment, even cameras, lenses, flashlights, or the rest of the equipment

-SOUNDBITE (Rashad Abu Sukhaila – the hero of the series “The Grip of the Free)

The main character, Amir, plays the role of a military leader who faces several obstacles at the military and social levels. Throughout the episodes, Amir learns how to overcome problems, which are mostly induced by a lack of social awareness. I can tell that the Palestinian drama is developing, at the level of the script, filming, performance as there are a few actors who have gone through a great experience, and they have enough experience to play great roles. Often, we do not use cinematic tricks but semi-live explosives, if not live. This poses a great danger to us, and there are several members who sustained burn injuries

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