Palestine – Winter swimming enthusiasts on the Gaza beach promote their hobby


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:23

Source: A24

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Dateline: 23-01-2022


Dozens of people in Gaza love to swim in winter especially on the coldest days when the temperature drops below zero Celsius.

Winter swimming enthusiasts believe that it provides them with strong immunity since it burns calories and fat, protects them from several diseases, including winter influenza and others and it also builds the body and muscles.

People who enjoy this hobby, some of whom are around 85 years old, still practice it as some have been doing it for 20 years, they gather at five in the morning to start walking together and then do some exercise for about 30 minutes before heading down to the water.

Some winter swimming enthusiasts consider the seawater warmer than what others might think, and that swimming in it makes them more energetic and delighted to start the day.

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(SOUNDBITE) Abdul Rahim Hammouda – winter swimming enthusiast:

“Swimming is good and the seawater is warm enough, not as cold as people think. We swim all the time; during summer and winter, we start our day with exercises; we wake up for fajr prayer, then we start a quick walk or a light walk, then a jog, afterward we do some exercises on the beach, then we go to the sea for swimming, whatever the weather is. Now, I feel that the weather is good and not cold, I swim and come out, and I don’t feel cold. It is nice to start your day being active building bodies and muscles. Swimming is good for calories; you burn fat and it is good for health in general. “

(SOUNDBITE) Muhammad Hanif – winter swimming enthusiast:

“I have been going to sea for 17 years, we swim in the sea in the coldest winter, it boosts the immune system, stimulates blood circulation, tightens the body, and makes you feel happy and active all the day, in addition, you stay away of flu, infections, or any diseases in the winter. Winter swimming lovers do not complain of any diseases. We encourage everyone to swim in winter, as it is very healthy, and it is not cold at all, even when you are swimming in the water, you do not feel cold at all. The age group for those who swim here range from 40 to 85 years.”


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