Syria – Dozens of displaced families leave Al-Hawl camp due to absence of security


In 2022, the administration of the Al-Hawl camp organized the first batch of displaced people to leave the camp to Deir Ez-Zor governorate and its eastern and western countryside, with 53 families totaling 217 persons, most of them are women and children. According to the administration of northern and eastern Syria camps, 9,995 people were cleared from al-Hawl camp after the Autonomous Administration decided to let the families leave the camp, which came from various areas of Syria that are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Families willing to leave said that the majority of people want to leave as soon as possible; due to the lack of security and safety in the camp and the increased killings and assassinations, by anonymous ISIS members. Even though the majority of these displaced people lack houses, families outside the camp, or a supporter to secure their necessities of life, the fear of being killed inside the camp is the most compelling cause for their escape into the unknown.

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