Mongolia – Poor cyber security puts Mongolia under cyber attacks


According to the International Cyber Security Research Organization, Mongolia is one of the few countries that does not safeguard its cyber security, ranking 103rd in the world in the cyber security index. Government agencies, which are ranked 17th in the area, have been the focus of several globally driven attacks. For instance, in 2018, a Chinese hacker group broke into the National Information Center in Mongolia, according to a recent investigation from Kaspersky Lab and further data supplied by CyberScoop, the attackers permitted dangerous malware to be deployed on government websites. Last year, a Check Point Software Technologies Chinese hacking group targeted Mongolian government entities by adding malicious malware to a file carrying information about COVID-19. The hackers transmitted papers containing malicious code with the extension RTF (Rich Text Format) and the malicious code RoyalRoad to government entities in the name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mongolian Embassy in China.


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