Iraq- Iraqi Oil Minister Inaugurates Oil Projects in the Majnoon field in Basra


Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar along with a ministerial delegation paid a field visit to the Majnoon oil field in Basra. He was pleased with the accomplishments as he commended the exerted efforts in digging wells. During which, he laid the cornerstone of the Sour gas treatment project. Moreover, he inaugurated the central control room and the field services building, which marks the first of its kind in the history of Iraq, considering the new services of electronic control and remote control. Director of Majnoon Oil Field Authority Diaa Al-Luaibi underlined the paramount importance of the field, considering the fact that it is the fourth-largest oil frontier field reserve in the Middle East. Furthermore, daily production is expected to reach 450 thousand barrels, after finalizing the plan to ramp up production capacity



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