Taiwan -Chinese PLAAF violates Taiwan airspace while criticizing ships passing throughTaiwan Strait


In 2019, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force launched multiple raids within Taiwan’s airspace, this incursion was repeated on an almost daily basis, and reached its climax in early October, as nearly 150 incursions were registered between October 1 and October 4. On October 26 The Taiwan defense ministry also registered two PLAAF helicopter incursions, the first time Chinese military helicopters entered the island’s ADIZ. Analysts believe that China’s claim that these measures come within the framework of maneuvers that do not target Taiwan, is false, because it provokes the Taiwanese, and they will not accept it under any excuse. China has previously criticized more than once the passage of American, English, French, Canadian and Japanese ships through the Taiwan Strait, considering this crossing as an intervention in Taiwan’s affairs, while those countries see that the strait is within international waters and therefore no one has the right to prevent them from crossing it.


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