Collapse of ISIS morale in the Iraqi fighting fronts.

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Members of the terrorist organization ISIS suffer from psychological problems and breakdowns contributed to the emergence of splits within its ranks and the escape of a number of its leaders, and the main reason for this is the successive defeats suffered by the organization during clashes with Iraqi army troops and its accompanying forces.


After a series of defeats suffered by ISIS, fighters suffered a range of psychological problems that led to a weakness among its ranks, which has helped significantly to the occurrence of rebellions among the various categories of members of the organization led to the killing and displacement and harassment of each other.

These disorders are one of the reasons that reveal the fact that ISIS crimes are tarnishing the image of Islam. And these disorders embodied through a group of soldiers who killed Academy, religious and social figures such as teachers and tribal leaders, clerics, and it resulted in the psychological war and the escape of large numbers of ISIS Arab and foreign leaders.


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