Jordan – Congenital Amputee Child Aspires Normal Life


Seventy kilometers from the Jordanian capital Amman, In Kufranja, Ajloun governorate, Ahmad is a congenital amputee child, who was born without limbs, wakes up every morning, wishing to fulfill his needs such as holding a toothbrush and getting dressed without the help of his mother, but this is difficult to achieve. He surrenders to his reality and awakens His mother to start his daily routine with him, as the child’s mother sits next to him on the school bench from seven in the morning until one in the afternoon to help him perform his homework and help him socially engage with his peers at school. Ahmed needs to install brain-controlled prosthetic limbs, to move freely in this world, he never grabbed a mobile phone in his hand, and keeps looking at his brother when playing, and wishes to be able to press a button to control a game, but this was not really or virtually achieved.


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