“Cannabis” abuse sparks controversy in Tunisia

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Controversy and criticism about the revision of the Law 52 of 1992, regarding consumption of material “Cannabis” in Tunisia between segments of Tunisian society.

The penalty by law 52 of 1992 regarding consumption narcotic “Hemp” or Cannabis, didn’t stop Tunisian consumers Tunisians but continuously increased their number.

Tunisian society in a state of controversy about Law 52 relating to the consumption of cannabis material or what is known as “Zatla” where the law stipulates a prison sentence of 1-5 years, in addition to “financial penalty.”

The sanctions in the law met with criticism by some analysts and young associations who have called for the need to revise this law and abandon the prison sentence and replacing it with therapeutic and reformist regime especially that the latest statistics have shown that 30% of Tunisian youth consume this narcotic.

On the other hand, some believe that the revision Cannabis consumption law would increase the number of delinquents and offenders, calling for authority to deal seriously with top promoters and not only shed penalties on drug users, and according to some specialists see the phenomenon of cannabis consumption does not apply to certain social groups they are scattered among the rich and poor, old and young.

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