Al-Shorja market in Baghdad embodiment of past nobility and present originality

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The new modern shops were unable to compete with Alshorja market which is considered a historic place of Baghdad receiving shoppers from all around the country. It constitutes of 19 mini markets for food and consumer products and a number of Cafes and historic mosques.

Alshorja market is a trading center in the Iraqi Capital “Baghdad” it’s is one of the biggest welcoming a large number of shoppers for its various products where traders challenge each other in ways of display to attract buyers.

Alshorja constitutes of 19 markets, soap market, spices market, stationary market, porcelain market, furniture, carpet, and leather market and many others. There are also 13 khans like Small Illah, Jani Murad, Alameen, Great Agha and 4 big mosques like Alnobaji mosque and Alnakhla mosque as well as a few Hamam like Alsayed Yahya bath and Albaqal Khan Bath. There are also two cafes, Alma’alka and Qadouri as well as many corner historic shops that is joyful to the eyes.


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