Iraq: Iraq Witnesses A slight Rise in the Terrorist Attacks with the Beginning of 2021



Amid Iraqi security operations against ISIS, terrorist operations in Iraq have been fluctuating, soaring in some spots while fading away in other areas. The spokesman for Iraq’s joint operations command -Major General Tahseen al Khafaji stated that the Iraqi air force has launched airstrikes on ISIS bases in Lake Hamrin in north Baghdad. Major General Yahya Rasool, the spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, illustrated that Iraqi security forces are chasing ISIS members by running qualitative operations. These operations coincided with the arrival of Iraq’s Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanmi at Krikok along with senior military officials to follow up on the latest security status quo and review crafted plans to chase ISIS members. The Minister of Defence, Juma Inad paid a field visit to Diyala Governorate for the same purpose. Security and intelligence operations were launched in different regions to chases ISIS members and to put an end to the rampant organized crime that threats security forces and residents


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