Palestine – Street Workout becomes popular in Gaza


Despite the siege in Gaza and the grim living conditions, 7 young men didn’t hesitate to practice their hobby in the “sport of death” or what is known as “street work out”, which became has popular in the Strip. This sport is one of the most recent and dangerous sports in the world as it needs muscular, nervous and physical strength, yet it is fun and astonishing to everyone who watches its players. The player Moad Al-Shaghanoubi stated that he started forming a team of 7 people to train daily in several places, however, due to the Corona pandemic, they had to divide the team into two parts so that they could train at different times, to take precautionary measures against covid. He expressed the major challenges they faced during training, is the lack of a suitable place to practice this sport, as well as the weak facilities. Al-Shaghanoubi and his team hope to participate in international competitions, to become global, and represent Palestine in all international events.


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