Turkey – Experts: Iran anticipates a Turkish announcement to assess the relations between the two countries

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Istanbul – Turkey 16/12/2020

Turkish experts state that Tehran is anticipating an announcement of the Turkish security and political authorities to decide its methods of dealing with the case and review the relations between the two countries. This comes after the detention of a cell connected to Iranian intelligence, as the Turkish security forces reported that they had arrested 11 people implicated in the kidnapping of the opposition Al-Ahwazi, Habib Al-Kaabi, who is wanted in Tehran in connection with the 2018 attack in southwestern Iran. The political analyst Faik Bulut stated that a poem cited by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a couple of days ago triggered a diplomatic crisis between Iran and Turkey. The “Aras, Aras” poem refers to the division of the Azerbaijani region along the Aras River, which now forms the border between Iran and Azerbaijan. Iran considered this as a violation of its sovereign rights over its northern provinces, but Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that because of the poem delivered by Turkish President Erdogan, the conflict between the two countries occurred.

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