Iraq – A demonstrator then an MP, The Iraqi woman upgrades her presence in the political fields

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Baghdad – Iraq 24/11/2020 

The member of the Executive Office of the Iraqi Communist Party, Suhaila Al-Aasem, points out that the Iraqi woman proved her role in the good management of the country through her participation in the demonstrations, experience in the elections and presence in the parliament.  Meanwhile, the civil activists in Iraq believe that the change the country is going through should be enriched with young females, side by side of old ones. The UN has already stated that the participation of women in the political field in Iraq is encountering difficulties yet She insists on indulging in this field. A report from the UN mission to aid Iraq and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) mentioned that by 2020, Iraq will have ranked 70th in the world for the percentage of women’s participation in the parliament.


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