Syria: Tramikh Iranian Militias Sweep Idlib’s Countryside

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Kafr Nabl and Idlib Governorate -Syria 20/11/2020 

Ever since the Iranian militias took over Kafr Nabl and Idlib Governorate countryside, Tramikh militias, affiliated to Iran, have been allowing themselves to loot and steal people’s livelihoods, resources, and belongings and then sell them. Those militias also lay mines in farmlands to deter Syrian opposition forces from reaching their bases. However, they earn no more than 5000 thousand Syrian pounds. Given the importance of Kafr Nabl city, Iran also summoned Fatemiyoun, Al-Radwan Regiment, Al-Murtada Brigade, and Raad Brigade led by Abu Jaafar. It is worth mentioning that activists stated that 30 military vehicles with 75 members of the Revolutionary Guards arrived at Syrian regime-held regions in northern Syria to fight along with the regime forces in Idlib’s forefront  


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