Thailand – Foundation helps children who are victims of violence in Pattaya

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Pattaya- Thailand 16.11.2020

Take Care Kids Foundation, founded in 2006, in Pattaya, southern Bangkok, provides support to children and teenagers in need, especially victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and a wide range of violence. The foundation has saved more than a hundred children and made them smile again. As happened to Nam Neang, who was adopted by the foundation five years ago when she was 13 years old and now she is 18. She tells us that she has found her happiness again and that the foundation changed her life and now she is joining the university. The psychologist at the center, Dr. Latifah Duding, explains that many children living in the foundation have suffered various types of abuse before joining the foundation and different problems dealing with daily life but the foundation provided all kinds of psychological and health care. Child abuse has decreased in recent years in Thailand due to repressive laws, but it remains a big problem that always affects the most defenseless children.

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