Iraq: Displaced Families in Al-Mahatta Balad Camp Are Being Left Behind

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Saladin Governorate – Iraq 14.11.2020

Displaced families in Al-Mahatta Balad camp in Salah al-Din Governorate endure dire humanitarian conditions in shabby tents that lack basic human needs. Despite the fact that these tents are only a few kilometers away from those families’ houses, they aren’t allowed to leave as they fear being targeted by Iranian-backed militias.  In the height of the fierce fight between ISIS and Iraqi forces, 5.8 million were displaced as numerous camps were constructed in all regions of Iraq. As the war de-escalated, some families moved back to their houses. However, many families are still dwelling in those camps as many, as1.8 million are still displaced, 450 out of which live in camps recognized by Human Right organizations while 1.2 million live in improvised camps




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