Syria- The Story of Fleeing ISIS Execution, Khader Narrates his Stories as a Teacher for New Generations

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Um Hujaira- Al-Hasakah- Syria 13.11.2020

In Northeastern Syria, in a village called Aldbagiah, one would hear dreadful stories narrated by Aboud Al-Khader.  Aboud is a school teacher, who endured the horrors of ISIS rule, narrates his memoirs to his students indicating that those creatures are far away from being human beings. He used to bring joy and delight to his people by having folk parties. However, as ISIS took over the area, he was arrested because they believe such parties are against their ideology. Luckily, he was able to escape, but again he was arrested on charges of colluding with the international coalition, who they believe are infidels. However, on the night of his execution, he ran away. After grueling years of ISIS control, and after they have been driven out, Aboud came back to be an optimistic teacher.


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