Yemen – Children are left crawling on the ground after being hit by indiscriminate shelling of Houthi militias

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At-Tuhayata- Yemen 13.11.2020

Ali Awad Ghiber, a father whose heart is broken as he chokes while talking about his children, Aisha and Aayesh, while they crawl on the ground due to their incapability of walking like normal children, in addition to losing his daughter by shrapnel flying around. Heavy artillery hit by Houthi militias demolished the house of this family who lives in  At-Tuhayata, as a result; the family fled to a small house surrounded by palm leaves as its wall.  The poor father watches his disabled children hit by missiles that ripped the tissues of Aayesh’s leg and damaged its nerves, on the other hand, Aisha, 5 years old, lost the sensations in her legs completely and got paralyzed as well as to some defects on her back. Houthi militias’ shells have targeted 2540 victims since the Stockholm agreement was signed in 2018.   


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