Syria: After ISIS Turned Qal’at Ja’bar into a Military Base, Residents Demand Renovating it

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Qal’at Ja’bar- Raqqa- Syria 15.10.2020

Qal’at Ja’bar, a historical landmark and a tourist attraction in Raqqa, was once perched on a hilltop overlooking the Euphrates valley but now turned into an island. Since the immemorial, it has gained considerable strategic significance as many sultans and kings have lived there, not to mention occupiers.  It dates back to the 11th century AD. Disregard and negligence of the castle facilities have become the norm. The war-torn castle was transformed by ISIS into a prison and a military base. The castle is in the edge of collapsing as a result of the tunnels built by ISIS members. Moreover, manuscripts and monuments were looted. Therefore, residents and families have launched “save Qal’at Ja’bar” hashtag on social media networks, to renovate the castle and preserve this historical landmark


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