Cambodia – Harsh Life Forces Families To Taken Shelter Among Graves In “Ghost City”

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Thmor San – South of Phnom Penh- Cambodia 29/09/2020

About 100 poor Cambodian families have taken shelter in a cemetery in Thomor San, south of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, after their homes were eroded by the Mekong River. A 30 year old Suzan Sukhai, one of the residents of the cemetery called “Ghost Town” lives with her husband and 6 and 4-year-old daughters in a house next to three graves, one of which is used as a bed and a play area for her children. Sukhai describes her harsh life in the cemetery and that she intends to leave from the place in the future because of her concern for the safety and future of her children, adding that she was afraid of ghosts when she moved to live in the cemetery for the first time, but now she prays for them in every Buddhist celebration and is no longer afraid of spirits, A large number of the cemetery’s residents prefer to stay in it than to move to another place because The cemetery is near the markets, schools, hospitals and located  in the center of the capital.

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