Somalia – Leader of opposition Wadajir Party confirms existence of coordination between intelligence and Al-Shabab movement

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Mogadishu – Somalia 11/08/2020

Yesterday, Monday, the Somali Central Prison, which houses Al-Shabab prisoners, witnessed violent clashes between prisoners from the Somali “Al-Shabab” movement and the police forces; as the shooting began and one of the prisoners of the movement took over on the weapon of one of the guards and then spread the battle fierce fighting lasted for two hours, leaving 15 dead prisoners from ” Al-Shabab ” movement and wounding seven others dead and four prison guards. In turn, he stressed the leader of the opposition party, and Ledger, Abdul Rahman Abdul Shakur during a press conference in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on the coordination and cooperation between Somalia intelligence and the movement of (Al-Shabab) in order to implement that process to escape the movement of prisoners with impunity.

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