Lebanon – In conjunction with the arrival of the French President…. Demonstrators in front of the Pine Palace against Hezbollah and Iran

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Beirut – Lebanon  06/08/2020

In conjunction with the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Beirut and his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and a number of officials, a number of demonstrators gathered in front of the Palace of Pines, the headquarters of the French Embassy in Beirut, during a meeting with Macron a number of political leaders inside the Palace of Pines, in a refusal of the French assistance to Lebanon through political power as a result of the distrust of the Lebanese people in their government, the demonstrators carried banners demanding them not to help the Lebanese government, as well as slogans against the weapon of Hezbollah and the Iranian presence, chanting and demanding the departure of the political class and holding those responsible accountable for the explosion.

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