Iraq- Experts: Iraq must create a balance with Iran…which is trying to interfere with the United States strategic agreement

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Baghdad – Iraq 10/06/2020

Experts believe that the Iraqi-American strategic agreement may be just an agreement to activate and review the terms of the 2008 agreement between Iraq and the United States, where there are 30 files contained in the agreement, the most important of which is the file of counter-terrorism and the health file and the economic file, in addition to the file of the political-diplomatic relationship between Iraq and America, l there are other files such as education, culture, trade and industry, and all that is possible to be accomplished and activated in the next phase, experts explained that Iraq in this agreement must create a process of balance with all parties, particularly with Iran, which is trying to interfere in these negotiations and manage them, adding that Iraq is trying in these critical discussions to preserve the nature of the Iraqi negotiator and show the strength that he needs to have to stand out in front of the negotiators who want to gain their interests and benefit from this agreement.


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