Iraq – An American Iraqi strategic dialogue approaches… Analysts: A decline in Iranian influence is evident in the Iraqi arena

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Erbil – Kurdistan – Iraq  10/06/2020

Experts pointed out that Iran began a series of declines in many political, economic and military positions towards Iraq, and that there are many indications that Iran’s influence has weakened recently in Iraq, especially after several accusations were made against some pro-Iranian and outlaw factions for killing protesters and kidnapping many people in western areas during liberation operations and seizing specific areas inside Iraq and preventing its people from returning to it, experts added that Iran pre-empted the Iraqi-American negotiations by coming to Iraq and its attempt to obtain gains and interests, and put a new mechanism between it and Iraq, after prime minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi closed the Iraqi-Iranian border for three days and prevented Iranian visitors from entering Iraq, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the lack of control of border crossings and smuggling operations, stressing that Iraq must treat the Qods Force as a designated terrorist organization, and that they should not be welcomed in Iraq noting that Iraq is in the process of engaging in a dialogue with the United States on the strategic agreement.

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