Lebanon – Anti-Government Protesters In Beirut Demand Hezbollah Be Disarmed

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Martyrs Square – Downtown Beirut – Lebanon 06/06/2020

Thousands of Lebanese protesters returned to the streets of the Lebanese capital Beirut to protest the deteriorating economic conditions and to demand the disarmament of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah party . Today, Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut witnessed a central protest to revive the October 17 revolution called for by activists on social networking sites which carried various slogans and demands, most notably the demand to disarm Hezbollah, the demonstrators also raised protesting slogans in regards to the ruling political authority, blaming it for the deteriorating economic situation. A number of protesters demanded the fall of the corrupt government according to their description and holding early parliamentary elections, in addition to their demand for illegal disarmament and confining it only to the state’s, violent confrontations took place between a number the protesters, on one hand, and supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, on the other hand, after these elements attacked the protesters in the vicinity of Martyrs Square, which led to an intervention  by the security forces.

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