Iraq – Kurdistan opens informal crossings with Iran under pressure

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Tweelah Port – Halabja – Sulaimaniyah Province – Kurdistan Region – Iraq  24/05/2020

It seems that Iran is trying hard to find solutions and outlets to minimize the impact of the crisis of the U.S. embargo imposed on it, and this is what analysts explained, that Iran is today living in a large deficit and economic paralysis, which makes it look for illegal ways to revive its economy again, by increasing the volume of trade between it and Iraq, which is the most important port for it to export its goods to other countries, that cause it to pressure the Kurdistan Regional Government to open the official and unofficial crossings between the two countries, moreover the  Kurdistan region has recently opened the Tweelah border crossing in Halabja province, southeast of Sulaimaniyah to commercial traffic after being closed for two months as a result of precautionary measures to reduce the outbreak of Coronavirus n the region, more than 150-200 Iranian trucks enter daily through the Vital Port of Tweelah, loaded with iron, tires, food and other goods.

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