Iraq- Corona misses manifestations of Eid celebration and increases manifestations of social solidarity

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Baghdad – Iraq 23/05/2020

Since the spread of Coronavirus in the country and the Iraqis embody the meanings of social solidarity by launching various humanitarian initiatives and projects that provide aid and assistance to the needy and put a smile on the lips of many, and with the current circumstances that Iraq is going through and the Coronavirus crisis which was absent from the celebration of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr in Baghdad, especially after the Iraqi authorities imposed a comprehensive curfew during the days of the Eid and closed all shops and restricted the movement of citizens by preventing contact between people and mixing for fear of transmission Infection, Some charities have taken the initiative to distribute the Eid clothing to a group of orphaned children, by setting up a charitable bazaar, with the aim of sowing joy that has been absent in the hearts of these children before the corona, and to compensate them with love and family affection.

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