Iraq- Analysts: ISIS tries to increase its funding and the number of volunteers in its ranks

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Baghdad – Iraq 20/05/2020

Experts pointed out that there are several attempts to increase the momentum of ISIS in the Iraqi arena and mount a resurgence, so that it can increase the volume of its funding and the number of volunteers in it again, in addition to the media victory that the organization wants to achieve and to highlight the stardom of its new leader “Amir al-Mawla al-Salibi nicknamed Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi”, taking advantage of the political vacuum and national instability in Iraq and not being fought with large and proactive operations that can eventually uproot it, analysts pointed that the security forces must move quickly and be present in the rugged mountain areas, tunnels, valleys and plains in order to reach the ISIS groups and end its presence in Iraq, adding that they must make sure that the border is controlled first and that this issue is dealt with more seriously.

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