Iraq – ISIS operatives move comfortably due to deteriorating security as well as political and economic conditions

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Baghdad – Iraq 06/05/2020

After an armed group affiliated with ISIS tried to attack security points in the Zahawi al-Muradia area of Khan Bani Saad in southern Diyala province, the 5th Division of the Iraqi Army was able to thwart this attempt, and a popular mobilization leader pointed out that ISIS is trying to send messages to the world that it is still there and can maneuver and conduct military operations in the area, adding that there is an incubator and support for ISIS forces, whether political or social, as it is also trying to force the Iraqi political file to achieve its goals, as explained by The Iraqi Ministry of Defense advisor Maan al-Jubouri, the armed groups of ISIS are moving comfortably in the region, as a result of the political, economic and security situation in Iraq, especially after the withdrawal of many American and international coalition forces.

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