Iraq: Peshmerga forces liberate villages in eastern Mosul

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Khazer axis- East Mosul-Iraq – 30/5/2016

Peshmerga forces launched a major attack against ISIS sites in Khazer axis, eastern Mosul, northern Iraq, in coordination with the international coalition where it managed to restore a number of villages of Hamdania southeast of Mosul.

Peshmerga forces managed in coordination with the International Coalition forces to restore a number of Hamdania villages southeast of Mosul, where it launched a major attack on ISIS sites in the area and was able to liberate the villages “Tel Aswad, Muftiya, Zahret Khatun, Wardak”
Peshmerga forces are located within twenty kilometers of the center of Mosul, and some field commanders considered that progress a great victory on ISIS to keep its risks away from Erbil and to progress toward the city of Mosul to release it from the grip of ISIS.”
Peshmerga forces managed to kill dozens of ISIS members in today’s battle and managed in coordination with the International Coalition aircraft to address nine suicide bombers driving booby-trapped cars, which was adopted by the gunmen in facing Peshmerga forces.



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