Iraq – Controversy continues over Zarfi government

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Baghdad – Iraq 02/04/2020

With the continuing differences and conflicts between the blocs and political forces, especially the Shiites, over the selection of Adnan al-Zrafi to the post of prime minister and his endeavor to form the ministerial cabinet, the member of the Supreme Council Alliance, Ali al-Zubaidi, expected that the Zarfi government would see the light in the next stage, and that most of the Shiite blocs will go towards granting confidence to Adnan Al-Zarfi, who has American support, to pass his cabinet cabinet and cross Iraq to a new stage and future, others pointed that if Al-Zarfi could not move the largest number of ministerial booths to win the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish powers, he would be in an unfortunate position, especially since the refusal of the Shiite blocs will lose Zarfi the freedom to act in front of other parties.

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