Iraq – Corona’s outbreak weakens Iran economically and politically

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Baghdad + Erbil – Iraq 02/04/2020

Iran faces one of the largest outbreaks of the Corona virus in the world, which has greatly affected it economically and politically, and has led to a decline in its interference in the Iraqi political process, noted the researcher and political analyst, Muhammad Nanaa, that the political role of Iran has diminished considerably, as a result of Iran’s preoccupation with the great outbreak of the Corona virus, which drains the time and effort of the Iranians and their resources to try to prevent its spread in the country, adding that this is largely reflected in the field, security and political process of Iran that is trying to address several crises and shocks it has suffered in Iraq and in the region, and so that it can stand again in front of the regional and international negotiating table, In the same context, Mayada Al-Najjar, a member of the Iraqi Parliament, explained that the Corona virus may lead to the collapse of the Iranian economic system, in addition to Iran’s weakness in managing the internal and external files, she noted that the closing of the border between Iraq and Iran has led to a decline in relations between the two countries.


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