Syria- Citizens complain of not being able to purchase medical masks and sterilization materials

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Qamishli – Al-Hasakah province – Syria 21/03/2020

أعThe people of the cities of northern and eastern Syria expressed their fear of the impact of the outbreak of the Corona virus on the level of per capita income in their areas, especially in light of the high cost of living in the region and the inability of a large segment of people with limited income to buy medical paper masks, gloves, sterilization materials and disinfection to prevent Corona virus, citizens recount their suffering in the event that they are forced to stay in their homes for a long time, to prevent the spread of the virus, especially those who work with daily wages to obtain their needs and the basic needs of their children and strengthened their day. The income level of individuals in northeastern Syria is very low, due to the war conditions that Syria has been going through for more than 11 years.

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