Iraq- KDP: Government program for Prime Minister-designate is what determines his success

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Erbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq 18/03/2020

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Vian Sabri, confirmed that there will be dialogues and discussions with parliamentary political blocs on the national consensus on the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zurufi, to form the new government, Sabri pointed out that Al-Zrafi’s approach and dealings with the political blocs and his government program is the one that will charm the matter in the coming days. On the other hand, analysts believe that if Al- Zurufi can persuade the political parties and blocs, he will not be able to convince the Iraqi street to form his government, adding that the fate of his government will be similar to that of Allawi, and that it is better to go towards early elections.


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