Yemen- Intensity of fighting increases at Al-Jouf between government and Houthis (exclusive scenes)

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Al-Jouf Governorate – Yemen 14/03/2020 

The confrontation between the Yemeni government forces and the Houthi group expanded to include areas northeast of the capital, Sana’a, specifically in Al-Jawf governorate, where government forces announced the restoration of their control over the Khanjar camp in the Khub and Al-Sha`f district, in return the Houthi group announced its control of the Sarwah area in Marib. The battles that were described as violent are still taking place in the areas of Al-Yatma, Al-Muhashima, and Al-Salila in the Khub and Al-Shaab District in Al-Jawf Governorate between the forces loyal to the internationally recognized Yemeni government on the one hand and the forces of the Houthi group on the other.


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